Jackie has many qualities but some of  the most recent descriptors include Nana, Gramma, mom, teacher, spoonie, disabled, stubborn, single...  She has spent the last 15 years learning to co-exist and on some days, conquer her health issues. Beginning in her early 20s, she began to experience severe migraines.  Their occurrence and intensity continued to increase until they eventually became an unwanted, daily companion. This would continue for more than 10 years before she was treated successfully with surgery.  In that same time frame, Jackie was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and a thyroid disorder.  

After much struggle finding medical professionals willing to work with her, she set her eyes on learning as much as she could about her health.  Initially, Jackie's search for information resulted in more questions than answers.  Gradually, the answers became more numerous than the questions.  She continued to seek professionals (not just medical) willing to discuss different techniques, procedures, medications, essential oils, supplements, etc.  Though Jackie still struggles to "win" her daily health battles, she has made huge strides toward "healed"!  Her quest for knowledge continues today.

One evening while out with friends, Jackie used a pressure point technique with a friend who had been struggling with migraines for several days.  The friend felt almost instant relief.  It was this event that got the wheels turning for this blog.  When one simple technique can improve the quality of someone's day (or week in this case!), it's time to start sharing on a larger scale!