America has gone CRAZY!  Every where we look, we can see people running from one activity to another with little to no rest between activities.  Our jobs require us to complete more tasks in the same number of hours or spend more hours at work often with no additional pay.  We find ourselves sitting at our desk eating a quick snack in place of lunch rather than stopping to eat properly.  Our children, friends, siblings, etc. are also just as busy with activities from work to after hours sporting, crafting, or artistry.  Rarely are families seated at the same table to eat even a single meal together and coordinating schedules within a single household might insight a family feud!

Authors have been writing self-help books for decades to address the crazy pace of daily American life.  Work hard, play harder, and how does the song go… we can sleep when we’re dead! No wonder our society is prone to higher occurrences of heart disease, stress related anxiety attacks, and various other debilitating medical conditions.  When illness strikes, it can be devastating.  The warning signs are often overlooked or just plain ignored because we think, “my life is too busy for me to get sick”.  Yet it is the warning signs that may keep us from completely depleting our health reserves.

Today’s post does not offer solutions or strategies on how to slow down the pace of your life.  Many very well written books address ways to increase our overall health and well being.  Instead, the purpose is just to have us stop and think about the activities that we chose to fill our days.  Are there activities causing stress or contributing to unhealthy living? What can you do to change your routine in order to decrease stress and ditch craziness?

Living with Fibromyalgia and chronic migraines forces me to stop and prioritize my activities.  Adjusting to severe decreases in energy has been a continuing struggle for me.  Each day holds it’s own level of energy.  If I spend more energy than allotted for the day, my body feels the debt and responds with severe and prolonged consequences.  Learning to balance activity and rest has been as difficult as learning a new language.

Today is a new day with many possibilities.  Can I balance activity and rest today?